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An Alabama Interfaith Response for Environmental Justice

Climate Justice is Racial Justice, declares national Interfaith Power & Light (IPL). Alabama IPL Executive Director Rev. Michael Malcom's statements on the subject, It’s Up to Us to End This, are linked in the IPL declaration. Environmental justice likewise demands that folks of all faiths respond to America's burgeoning eviction crisis. (If you are facing an eviction, or know someone who is, you can visit the CFPB’s Rental Assistance Finder to find out what this means for you or details to pass along to those who may need assistance.) Now, with the recent release of both the IPCC report and U.S. Census data, we have even more urgent challenges and opportunities that call us to action.

Recent Alabama IPL Actions for Environmental Justice

  • Executive Director Rev. Malcom has personally risked arrest at environmental justice protest events in Minnesota and Washington DC, for as MLK reminds us, injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.

  • We have visited Alabama sites, from Uniontown to Union Springs, to support local environmental justice and energy equity movements.

  • We have partnered with Bethel Ensley Action Task in support of weatherization and job training.

  • We joined than 1,500 clergy and faith leaders from across the United States to call on President Biden and EPA Administrator Michael Regan to support the strongest possible clean car standards

As Program and Policy Director for ALIPL, I am leading our Mapping Environmental Justice initiative, which will show you "what's in my backyard" (i.e., toxic waste and pollution sources), as well as "why is my power bill so high?" (the power politics of energy burden and energy poverty). But more importantly, we map environmental justice from the perspective of houses of faith--and show you what you can do about it.

What You Can Do

We have some big announcements coming soon that we think you will wish to be a part of, too... stay tuned!



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