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Our Wish for Light and Interfaith Environmental Justice

Happy Holidays from Alabama Interfaith Power & Light (ALIPL)! ALIPL is both a chapter of national Interfaith Power & Light and a program of The People’s Justice Council. The mission of ALIPL is to be faithful stewards of Creation by responding to climate change through the promotion of environmental justice, energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy from a faith perspective.

When we say “Happy Holidays” we truly mean it. “...Christmas isn't the only holiday celebrated during the winter season. Many other holidays are culturally significant to their countries of origin, some of which have festivities that far exceed even the most ostentatious Christmas celebration.” (Jody Ellis, 20 celebrations this holiday season besides Christmas)

One common theme of many winter holidays is light and life in the midst of darkness. An even broader theme is, “World religions share a common virtue, that is universally taught, respect, revered: it is often referred to as The Golden Rule. This simple, moral principle is prevalent in world religions and cultures throughout history” (The Golden Rule Across Cultures (World Religions Series)).

While a textbook definition of “environmental justice” often talks about things like an “equal distribution of ‘goods’ (like economic wealth/power) and ‘bads’ (like pollution and toxic waste dumps)”, we prefer a positive-oriented definition like the Golden Rule. What is environmental justice? It is treating others as we ourselves wish to be treated. It’s that simple in theory. In practice, well, it doesn’t take a magnifying glass to spot historic injustices that likewise span religions and cultures throughout the pages of history.

Interfaith Environmental Justice takes willpower and hard work. It takes prayer and (economic) sacrifice. It takes conscious, conscientious, and continual application of the Golden Rule. In 2024, we hope to re-offer our Interfaith Environmental Justice for Changemakers course, in association with The School of

Global Citizenry. In the tradition of my own United Methodist faith upbringing, we hope you will support our work with your prayers, your presence, your gifts, and your offerings.

Our theme in 2024 for ALIPL is that we are renewing and restoring our state through our weatherization program, WERiSE Alabama, and our From Resilience to Restoration Alabama Hub (in partnership with Gulf Coast Creation Care), and upcoming listening sessions/workshops in frontline communities across the state. We will be moving full speed ahead in 2024, and you can support us with your gifts (such as your volunteer time) here. You can support us with your offerings (financial support) here—and at The People's Justice Council 2024 Fundraising Gala on March 16!

Happy Holidays (some assembly required).



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