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History and Purpose

Originally organized in 2005, Alabama Interfaith Power and Light (AL IPL) was an active statewide presence until 2011. AL IPL has now been reorganized and re-energized by the new executive director, Rev. Michael Malcom, and a dedicated steering committee representing a cross-section of business, nonprofit, and faith-based communities from across the state. AL IPL will focus on engaging the entire state of Alabama in combating climate change. We work in coalition with North Carolina IPL, South Carolina IPL, and Georgia IPL to address climate change and other environmental issues that affect the greater Southeast region.

Our overall goal is to engage all congregations of all faiths in the state of Alabama as AL IPL members and active voices in the fight for environmental justice. We also aim for every house of worship in the state to take steps towards increasing their energy efficiency, beginning with completing an AL IPL assisted energy efficiency audit. And, to make a commitment to the stewardship of Creation.

As grassroots faith organizers we believe that the voice of Faith Communities’ must be brought to the forefront of the fight against the Climate Crisis. We exist to mobilize and provide the Faith Communities’ presence in this discussion. We work with Houses of Worship from all faith perspectives to raise awareness around clean air, clean water, and clean energy. We equip clergy with resources to proclaim a message of hope around the stewardship of Creation. We empower communities of faith to fight against Environmental Injustices with an emphasis on black, brown, indigenous, and poor communities.

Major activities will include:


  • Creating initial marketing materials, including fliers, website, and social media presence to introduce AIPL and promote our energy efficiency program

  • Secure funding for initial AIPL operations

  • Conduct faith listening tours throughout Alabama to engage initial members and partners


We will rely on the guidance and expertise of our committed and professional steering committee.

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Alabama Interfaith Power & Light (AIPL)

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