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Energizing Alabama for Energy Justice Collaboration

Energizing Alabama for Energy Justice was established as a collaborative initiative between Alabama Interfaith Power and Light and Faith and Works Statewide Civic Engagement Collective in collaboration with Pastor Michael McClure Sr., Pastor Michael Edwards, Pastor Earl Dixon, and Pastor Doug Taylor.


This campaign is a statewide initiative that provides utility pay assistance to under resourced community members. This campaign is part of a larger campaign called Energizing the South for Energy Justice being led by the People's Justice Council with a focus on the Southern Region of the United States. The People's Justice Council is the parent organization of Alabama Interfaith Power and Light.  While providing utility assistance to community members we will also be calling for accountability and protections from our Public Service Commission. We will work with communities of faith to accomplish this goal.


Alabama Interfaith Power and Light has agreed to resource this initiative with a $15,000 seed. This funding will be divided among the four houses of worship, minus $1,500 for administrative cost for Cara McClure, Executive Director of Faith and Works.  Cara is the point of contact and Alabama Interfaith Power and Light will operate as support. Alabama Interfaith Power and Light is seeking additional funding to continue the initiative for COVID relief.



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