We Remember

Today, Alabama Interfaith Power & Light remembers the devastation of Katrina and the ongoing injustices that are threatening American lives once again under global warming-fueled Hurricane Ida. We ask for physical as well as spiritual support, including removing the many threat multipliers that continue to affect folks in the Gulf South, from fossil fuel extraction and refining to racial and economic inequity. 

Our hearts and support go out to those who are in the path of Hurricane Ida. We want you to know
that we are here with and for you through our prayers and thoughts. We will get through,  together.
~Rev. Michael Malcom, Executive Director, ALIPL

Are you facing eviction,
or is a renter at your property unable to pay rent?

Evictions in Alabama are resuming now that the U.S. Supreme Court has overturned the federal eviction moratorium. If you are facing eviction because you cannot pay your rent, you may be able to receive emergency rental assistance. For a list of agencies serving various parts of the state, see below or visit the National Low Income Housing Coalition’s resource page at nlihc.org/rental-assistance.

Landlords can apply for these funds as well. Processing of claims has been slow, but more than 80% of applications processed so far have resulted in payments. If you need help completing the application, you can call the phone number(s) or visit the website listed for each location listed. (Click here for a downloadable PDF of this resource list.)


In partnership with The People's Justice Council, Alabama Interfaith Power & Light has launched WERiSE: Weatherizing Every Residence in the South East.

Welcome To The Black Church—The Green Movement

The Black Church—The Green Movement is a team of faith leaders working to bring to light the connection between the Earth and our health, our money, our safety, and our right to live in joy as the people of God. Take this short 5 question Pre- registration Survey.  Upon completion you will be emailed the-sign in information for The Black Church—The Green Movement. Please use your most relevant email address for your response as this is where you will receive your reminders. 

What's the Big Deal with the Green New Deal?

Alabama Interfaith Power & Light is a participant in the Gulf South for a Green New DealSouthern Communities for a Green New Deal, and Red Black &  Green New Deal initiatives. We encourage you to learn more about these initiatives via the links above, and sign your name to show your personal and organizational support!


It’s not just climate scientists who claim this; every major scientific organization worldwide agrees.


What does your faith have to say on the subject?


Read Official Denominational Statements on Global Warming from Yale’s Forum on Religion and Ecology.

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Our Work

Is Our Impact

"We are the only nationally supported organization in Alabama that speaks directly to faith communities concerning these issues."

Alabama has the lowest solar ratio in the region.

Alabama produces less than half of the watts per customer than any other Southeastern state (Solar in the Southeast, 2017 Annual Report). Alabama IPL will work to support the growth of solar energy in Alabama by educating faith leaders and congregations on clean energy sources. We will provide resources and expertise for helping houses of worship become more energy efficient and employing clean energy sources, primarily solar, to meet their energy needs.


We will also work with houses of worship to establish green teams that will lead their congregations in becoming better stewards of creation through education and advocacy. As our membership and resources grow, we also plan to address air quality concerns, food scarcity, and other persistent environmental issues in Alabama, a state that is deeply entrenched in the coal industry.


As a faith-based organization that addresses the faith community, we are the only nationally supported organization in Alabama that speaks directly to faith communities concerning these issues.