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Why Are We Taxing the Sun?

When it comes to our right to choose our own sources of electricity, a few simple policy changes could make all the difference to Alabamians. Why are we lagging behind the rest of the country when it comes to renewable energy? It’s time to stop taxing the sun and fight for Energy Freedom!

The sun radiates more energy in one second than people have used since the beginning of time, and every day enough solar energy falls on the U.S. alone to power our energy needs for one and a half years. The sun also drives other sources of renewable energy, such as wind and water flows. So why are we making it harder rather than easier to harness the sun's resources to help cut our ties to fossil fuels?

Alabama Interfaith Power & Light (a program of The People's Justice Council) joins other like-minded activists to address that very issue in a new documentary by filmmaker Gillian Harrill, made possible through the Southern Exposure film fellowship program. This innovative summer fellowship brings emerging filmmakers from across the country to tell authentic, engaging stories through short documentary films about Alabama's environment and the people who cherish it. The program is hosted by Alabama Rivers Alliance each year.

Check out Taxing the Sun to learn what you need to know about making solar energy more available in Alabama!

Energy freedom can only occur if the Alabama legislature takes action. You should have the right to purchase energy from anyone you want. If you want energy freedom, make your voice heard by taking a quick survey.

We see a moral imperative to address energy inequity and the toxic effects of fossil fuels, which tear at the fabric of this great state!

  1. We believe that it is immoral for anyone to bear a disproportionate burden of toxic health effects from waste and pollution.

  2. We believe that clean, affordable, renewable energy is a holy goal worthy of pursuit by people of all faiths.

  3. We believe that our individual and societal energy choices – renewable versus non-renewable, equitable versus non-equitable – should be an expression of our individual faiths.

If you agree, make your voice heard by signing our Interfaith Statement on Energy and Equity and be sure to watch TAXING THE SUN!

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