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Does Your Congregation Have Solar?

I’m IPL’s Special Projects Manager tallying the amount of solar capacity faith communities have installed so we can wow the world with our collective efforts. We’ll share this information with news outlets that report on solar to demonstrate the impact of the U.S. faith community and inspire more congregations to go solar.

We know that hundreds of Interfaith Power & Light (IPL) congregations have installed solar photovoltaic (electric) systems, but we don’t know exactly who or our collective impact!

Does your congregation have a solar PV system, confirmed installation plans, or expansion plans at your site (roof, parking, open space)?

Let’s show the media and policymakers how congregations are ramping up solar and leading the way to a clean energy future. Our local actions add up and make a real difference in caring for the earth. IPL will only share a collated total, not individual data.

Survey deadline is August 20, 2019.

Thank you for your assistance with this update.  If you do not know the actual system size, your best estimate is acceptable.

Thank you,

Gerald Bernstein Interfaith Power & Light

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