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Climate Strike FRIDAY!

Wildfires, heat waves, and droughts are just some of the ever-increasing effects of climate change – and it's younger people who will be left to deal with it.

Friday’s For Future and other environmental groups are staging a worldwide climate strike this Friday, Sept. 23. We, the older generations, must support the youth in calling attention to the climate crisis. If you are concerned about the future of your children and grandchildren, join in!

Elders and Youngers are now coming together and learning from each other. Elders have experience and can offer mentorship and financial support. Many Youngers have skills in social media that can help spread information about climate change. We must act together, and we must act now!

We encourage people of all ages to make their voices heard by our community and governmental leaders. Call them to account by joining this worldwide action. Invite family members and friends of all generations to join you at this strike. Find a strike in your area here:



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