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An Open Letter to the Environmental Community

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

Hello All,

I'd like to warn you that this video is graphic, however there is a lesson to be learned in this. When speaking in black and brown communities you must be mindful that we don't view the medical system the same. I don't believe that the Doctor in this video purposely dropped this newborn but listen to the response. When you promote nuclear energy and carbon sequestration as viable alternative energy sources, we hear that differently because, we are directly impacted.

I am preparing to go testify at a hearing where Enviva Biomass wants to put the world's largest biomass plant. They are locating it in town of 3000 people. The wood pellets would be shipped to Europe. The devastation would be on the Southeast as a region, the 80-mile radius locally, and the 3000 individually.

Not to mention, the damage this does to the planet. At the same time, you must wrestle with the economic opportunity this brings to an economically depressed state. There are complexities to this situation. It would unjust not involve the 3000 people in the planning process for any action that we might want to take.

I say what I say out of a love (not anger) for a community that embraced me and allowed for me to have a seat at the table. I truly believe that we all want the same thing. I also believe that we only get it by working together.

Here's the video:





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