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A Word on the SCOTUS Ruling

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

I realize in me making this statement that I may further alienate myself from some of my peers and even some of my mentors in this great Gospel that WE proclaim. However, I dare not be silent when many of the voices of my other peers are being silenced or ignored. Besides, I was always taught that if you see a good fight, get in it! That being said, I have a question for my more conservative brothers and sister clergy, “What is you mad for?” Now, I realize that that isn’t a properly formatted question however it is still a question nonetheless. In fact, this question brings up past memories of being a child and two people get into a fight and the entire climate changes and everyone is angry. The question would then be asked to that angry person who did not have anything to do with the fight, “What is you mad for?”

The point I’m attempting to make is that some of my more conservative brothers and sisters are upset when this is really not their fight. From what I’m to understand the ruling by SCOTUS on yesterday did not mandate you had to perform the marriage ceremony for my LGBTQ brothers and sisters. If it goes against your belief (that includes the way you believe in the bible) then as Nancy Reagan would say, “Just say no.” Just as America is not called to be the world’s police God has not called Christians to be God’s police! Meanwhile, we are still in the midst of burying nine people who were murdered at the hands of a racist domestic terrorist firing a gun at the Black lives that didn’t matter to him.

Meanwhile, not only are outsiders viewing Black lives as not mattering we in our own communities view Black lives as not mattering. Meanwhile, there are children in the same neighborhoods that we worship and serve in that are going to go to bed yet again hungry or homeless. Meanwhile, there is still that man or woman who has just been released from prison only to find his or her still locked out of so

ciety because they can’t get decent jobs to provide for themselves. Meanwhile, there are still health issues that plague the communities that we minister to such as, HIV, AIDS, Heart disease, Diabetes, Cancer, Mental Health Issues, etc. When Jesus quoted the Isaiah text at the start of his public ministry he said, "The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor.

He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free,” Knowing that homo-eroticism was prevalent at the time I wonder why Jesus did not then add and to keep same gender loving folk out of one another’s bedroom? Perhaps, Jesus understood that people are going to love who they are going to love and it is going to be up to God to deal with what God is offended by (that is if God is offended at all). All I’m saying Preacher is that we have far too many other things to be concerned in building God’s than to concern ourselves with tearing others and their expressions of love down.



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