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ACT NOW! Deadline Dec. 31: Let the Alabama Public Service Commission Know We Need Relief for Solar

ACT NOW – Deadline Dec. 31, 2019. Let the Alabama Public Service Commission know we need relief for solar customers. They had a public hearing Nov. 21, 2019 about restoring our freedom to generate some of our own solar electricity without penalties (though you had to be there to see and hear it). But you can read some of the testimony – Alabama Power didn’t measure what it really costs to serve solar customers for backup. Instead, they estimated what revenue they might lose from a hypothetical solar customer. According to expert testimony:

“… lost revenues are not the same thing as cost of service. Monopoly utilities like Alabama Power do not have a right to any particular level of billings from their customers. Customers seek to lower their utility bills in all sorts of ways—solar is just one. That is their right, and the utility has no right to claw those savings back in the form of unjustified charges.”

(More details in attached flyer)

Call and/or email PSC switchboard – 334-242-5218 - or see direct phone and emails below. Request for redo on Rate Rider RGB, Part B – the “sun tax”



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